Christmas spirit, macaron style

This is probably not what you want to see first thing on a Monday (assuming you’re reading this on Monday) but OM NOM NOM Christmas Macarons. Get in the spirit with these super yummy treats from Lindt.

Macarons are the new cupcakes, thanks mainly to Adriano Zumbo, Callum Hann and Masterchef 2010. Lindt have been on top of macarons for years though, and this year they have created these gorgeous gift boxes that are absolutely perfect for hostess gifts/secret santa/sucking up to the boss/eating on your own when no one else is around. The six red and green macarons are made with Christmas spices and the filling is white chocolate.

Personally, I kind of have an aversion to green food (seems mouldy, right?) but for about one month a year it seems perfectly acceptable to eat food that looks off. These are really tasty and a perfect gift idea. I hate to tell you this, but with only 33 sleeps to go, you should probably start making lists (and checking them twice – ho ho ho)

Price: $15 for box of 6
From: The Lindt Chocolate Cafe
Why you need a box: Before you buy these for anyone else, you should probably sample them for yourself. You know, to make sure they’re ok.

These macarons were very gratefully received from Lindt; eaten by me


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  1. miss_sher

    November 26, 2010 at 7:37 am

    Oh my gosh I love macaroons! Its slowly but surely replaced my cupcake addiction. I cant go past Cupcakes on Pitt stores without getting a macaroon. I might get one of these babies when i'm in the city next. I love the Lindt icecream from the Lindt store too. Yummmmm!

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