Well wooden-shoe know it! I bought some clogs! (sorry, I had to do a pun for a Friday)

You know what this Friday needs? Shoe porn. And DAMN these Sempre di by Biviel shoes are fine.

When the modules first clomped down the runway in clogs at that fateful Chanel show in October 2009 (the same show that brought us taupe nails and Lily Allen singing in a barnyard) I was marginally horrified. Clogs were surely something that should be banished to fashion purgatory forever, along with stonewash denim and trucker caps. Twelve months later I did something I thought I would never do. I bought clogs.

Now these aren’t strictly authentic clogs (watch me justify it) because they are open toe. But…yeah. They are ridiculously comfortable and built to last – excellent quality leather and wood. These shoes are the kind of thing I will have for 20 years and then pass on to my very stylish daughter one day, whilst reminiscing about how I wore them to my engagement party, and did she hear about the funny speech her grandfather made that night. Then she will tell me she isn’t listening because she’s too cool and how that boy we don’t like is picking her up to take her out, and she’s wearing my clogs and an inappropriately short skirt. Ah teenagers.

What was I saying? Oh right. Let’s just enjoy the shoes.

As an aside, if you have blisters like I did (not from these shoes, but from some patent leather flats that shredded my toes) then I highly recommend Elastoplast Invisible Protection bandaids. They heal things up superquick and are literally invisible on the skin. I carry a bunch in my bag at all times because I’m such a klutz. ($4.49 for a 12 pack)

Price: $229.95 (I bought them on sale for $172.46)
From: Myer
Why you need them: They’re comfy, they’re cute and, if history has taught us anything, they will be back in fashion again in 10 years time. Think of the cost per wear value.

Beauty note: I have Essie – No Boundaries on my toenails. Is noice.


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  1. eskimojo

    October 7, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    I have to admit when you told me you were wearing clogs I was very very skeptical, but these are actually quite nice.

    Havianas and ballet flats are still the go for me though =P

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