Monday skin care musings and how to hide a blotchy patch

Not the best pic, but can you see the red on my neck? Exactly!

I had a facial in preparation for my engagement party (Priori Coffeeberry Peel and Omnilux red light – bliss) and then used a Decleor Intense Vitamin C Treatment for the few days between my facial and party to keep the glow up. Unfortunately, while my face was fine and glowy from the big boost of vitamin C, my neck didn’t like the C and had a bit of a red rashy reaction.  Ummm…totally not what you want 3 days before a party where you’re (one of) the guest(s) of honour!

Considering I was going to be photographed loads, it was either wear a really big scarf or do something to hide the damage. In hindsight, it was a cool night and a scarf might have worked, but my friend who works for Bare Minerals suggested I try the B.M. Matte mineral foundation. She’s a smart cookie.

I don’t normally like powder foundations but this was exactly what my poor neck needed! It covered the redness, looked natural and because it’s mineral it didn’t irritate my already irritated skin. In fact, I think it might have even helped. All I had to do was buff a little bit in and presto, blotchy be gone – because it’s matte, it blended right in (absorbs oil, eliminates shine, does a great rendition of Lucky Star by Madonna). I get red and blotchy skin on my face a lot and now that I have this in my arsenal I will be able to use it next time I have some sort of reaction (touch wood) and need to look normal.

Speaking of Priori Coffeeberry, this same friend gave me the Priori Coffeeberry Revitalising Cleanser to try because she had two (as you do) and holy frijoles it is good! It’s brown and smells a bit odd but it lathers perfectly and my skin always feels really clean after a wash. It contains coffeeberry which is the anti-ageing extract of the coffee fruit and it fights free radicals, so it’s an added boost to what my various serums and moisturisers are already doing. I feel like I need to start ramping up the anti-ageing products I am using because time is starting to catch up to me – how awful. Bonus: it also contains glycerine to soften skin and it’s non-comedogenic (won’t block pores/reduces pimples) – I’m a bit of a cleanser nerd.

Two excellent new products added to my shelf – thanks H!

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation
Price: $79/6g
Why you need it: For that clean, matte look with your foundation OR to hide a rash
Priori Coffeeberry Revitalising Cleanser
Price: $120/240mL
Why you need it: To treat your skin to a powerful anti-ageing cleanser
From: Check the Spa Universe website for stockists

Photo credit: Personal picture courtesy of Bob Murphy

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  1. Helen

    October 25, 2010 at 1:43 am

    Awwww thanks for the mention. Glad you liked the products, you know I'd never rec it if I didn't love it myself!

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