Excuse me…

You: Hey Elise! It’s a Monday, where’s the post?
Me: Oh hey you! Did you have a good weekend?
You: Yep. Where’s today’s post?
Me: I had a great weekend too. It was my engagement party and it was just so much fun.
You: That’s nice. Post.
Me: Yeah, it was just so lovely to spend time with family and friends. It was also pretty special that they all braved the wet to celebrate such an exciting occasion with my man and I.
You: Mmhmm…
Me: So yeah, I really appreciate you being patient with me and letting me off the hook today. It was a pretty epic weekend. BUT I’ll tell you about the facial I had before the big night, the dress I wore, the makeup I wore and my hot new shoes tomorrow. Is that cool?
You: I guess.
Me: Thanks! You’re a good friend. Enjoy you’re Monday off!
You: But….
Me: Oh, you’re in one of those non-public-holiday states? Well…have a good day anyway.


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  1. Emma

    October 3, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Ok, I guess you can have a day off 😉

    It's great you had a fun engagement party!

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