Doing my bit for the economy, one online shopping site at a time

The dollar is so freaking good at the moment (hello, 99c) that I may have gone a littttle overboard recently. Like, two big Urban Outfitters orders, a Shopbop order and a handheld Omnilux overboard. Not to mention the F*ing unreal handbag I bought on Honey Honey!! Don’t shake your head at me, I’m just doing my bit for the economy. Or something. (this blog ain’t called Stuff That I Bought for nuthin!)

Anyway, today I’m showing off my amazeballs Foley + Corinna handbag. I LOVE this practical style and the gorgeous, soft leather means it will be with me for many years and holidays. I say holidays because I had a bag very similar to this when I did a huge trip in 2008 (the bag died halfway through the trip, but that’s neither here nor there because it was a cheapie) and because it folds over, it’s perfect as a satchel for schlepping around when you’re shopping and aeroplane-ing. Such forward planning.

I have to give a massive shout out again to the Honey Honey team – honestly, some of the best customer service I have ever received. It’s always such a treat when a store (online or otherwise) take the time to talk to you, give you advice on your choices and clearly love what they do.

Speaking of loving what they do (bad segue, sorry) I was loving spending the night crawling through Shopbop last week. I ordered on Thursday night and had my order on Monday morning – ridonkulous! I treated myself to a Marc by Marc Jacobs Fantastical Tale Cat ring because The Fiancé encouraged me to buy it and I’m a total sucker for cats and cocktail rings (cattail rings?). Anyway, it’s well cute.

As for the handheld Omnilux? I’m trying to stick to a strict usage routine and I’ll keep you updated as I go. So far, I’m loving it sick.

Foley + Corinna mid-city tote
Price: $562
From: Honey Honey
Why you need it: Everyone needs a practical leather tote

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fantastical Tale Cat ring
Price: US$35
From: Shopbop
Why you need it: Wear your crazy cat lady status with pride


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  1. miss chew

    October 13, 2010 at 1:18 am

    "Wear your crazy cat lady status with pride" haha loves it!!
    I think I might get one for my bestie for her bday, she is a rather crazy cat lady! xx

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