A fresh and easy hairstyle to go with your floral maxi

How kind of Ms. Critique to comment on my hair in yesterday’s post – you’re a good egg Ms. C and have provided the perfect segue into today’s post.

My bestie and I after enjoying the champagne and guava

I had my hair done for my par-tay by the lovely Larissa at Atlantis Hair. She did what I have dubbed the Lucinda Pitt braid. Lucinda, the glamorous beauty director at Grazia magazine, is somewhat known for rocking this particular French braid across the front of the hair. I would go so far as to say it’s her signature look. But you know what, I had no qualms about totally thieving it – I actually asked Larissa for a Lucinda. Cheers, L!

I had my hair done in the morning, so by the time I got to the party my curls had drooped (understatement). I fixed them, but the moisture in the air from the rain meant that was a total waste of time, and my dry shampoo was sitting on my dressing table about half an hour away. Eh. The braid was cool. The braid was also just as cool the next day. It’s a good style.

Price: I think this was just tacked on with my blow-dry – they start at $39.
From: Atlantis Hair – 2 Regent St Paddington
Why you need it: It’s a fresh and easy style for spring


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