Travel light: Bloom lip colour cards don’t take up much space

I completely busted my back about 3 weeks ago. Not like a little bit sore – we’re talking full on can’t get out of bed busted. I slipped 2 discs back in 2008 and one of them just keeps on slipping, so that put me out of action for a week. Then as it was healing, I compressed a nerve and that also had me flat out. You would think I was 70 years old, right?

Anyway, all these trips to the chiro/physio/acupuncturist are fun (read: expensive), but now I’m focusing on getting better. One of the first things I did was dump my super-chunky carrying-the-kitchen-sink tote for a light little clutch. The small bag meant I had to cut down to essentials only (wallet, keys, office pass, blackberry) and assess the weather each day (Brolly weather? Sunnies weather? No? Not carrying them!)

This also meant I had to let go of carrying 3 lip balms, 5 glosses and 2 lipsticks ‘just in case’. Lucky for me the kids at Bloom heard my call and saved my lips with their new Colour Card For Lips. It’s a slim little slide open pack the size of a business card holder with 6 different gloss colours and a brush. Can be used for lips AND cheeks (maybe not every day but definitely in emergencies) and 6 colours means you have all the right shades for various looks.

There are three options: Pretty in Pink (which is, uh, obviously varying shades of blue), Natural Delight – my palette of choice (nudes and berries), and Colour Chameleon (a mix of reds, berries, pinks and browns – pictured). For just $14.95, this is much lighter option than carting full sized glosses and balms. Thanks for saving my back, Bloom!

Price: $14.95
From: Myer, David Jones, Bloom Flagship (South Yarra, VIC) and Bloom online
Why you need it: Perfect size for a clutch when you want colour options but are limited on space (or weight). Start thinking about Christmas party season!

This product was sent to me for consideration – Picture credit:


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