The Four In Hand Dining Room, Paddington – SO good!

It was my darling Fiancé’s birthday last week, so I loaded him into a cab with a couple of our close friends and we trotted off for dinner at the recently-two-hatted Four In Hand Dining Room in Paddington. We did the degustation, but after seeing everyone else in the restaurant being served their 12 hour braised lamb, I was having serious food envy.

That’s not to say the degustation was bad – on the contrary, it was fantastic. All five courses offered something unique and tasty – we’re talking delicate sashimi, lamb done three ways and pigs ear schnitzel. The Four In Hand kitchen has a ‘nose to tail’ philosophy, where no part of the animal goes to waste. They also use seasonally fresh produce – the three different ways the strawberries were prepared in our dessert was testament to that.

More than the affordable and tasty food, what I loved most was the warm and cosy atmosphere. The staff were friendly and inviting, making us feel welcome in their little corner of the pub. So often I have been at expensive restaurants and felt awkward, like we were an inconvenience to the staff, but the guys and girls here made us feel really comfortable. The restaurant is a really sweet little dining room and you can’t help but feel at home.

We will definitely be heading back for that lamb, and another round of the cheese platter. Damn, that was some good cheese!

Price: Degustation is $85 for 5 courses or $110 for 8 courses (plus $50 and $65 respectively for matching wine)
From: Four In Hand Dining Room – 105 Sutherland St Paddington
Why you need to go: To enjoy a beautiful meal in beautiful surroundings.

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