Start your day with a minty fresh burst!

I’m going through a pretty crazy peppermint phase right now. I have always been a spearmint girl (green eclipse mints > blue eclipse mints, and don’t try to tell me otherwise) but in the space of 2 weeks I came across three different mint body washes which are making me feel more peppermint than peppermint patty.
Sudz Pure Goats Milk Soap is made right here in Sydney (bigs up to the 02) and it’s totally gentle on the skin. It’s a cake soap and it has fresh goats milk, olive oil, coconut oil and sweet almond oil – good enough to eat, right? The peppermint cake is a scrub, so it’s full of grainy bits for sloughing away your winter skin and starting fresh for your fake tan. I’ll be honest, the scrubby bits aren’t that gentle so it’s probably not suitable for you if you don’t like hardcore scrubbing, but I like to feel the skin being scratched off my legs. Peppermint scent rating: 8/10 – minty, but doesn’t linger.

Wash With Joe is the perfect hit of java for those who don’t drink coffee but still like a caffeine rush (like me). This is a big foamer – lather is up with a puff and go to town. It might be called Coffeemint, but it’s more mint than coffee (I think it also has a hint of chocolate, but perhaps that just wishful thinking on my part). Did you know coffee is a natural deodoriser? Yep – perfect for neutralising sweaty bodies. Pass it on to your man. Peppermint scent rating: 9/10 – a powerful mint that stays on the skin. 

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are kind of weird. The liquid soap is very liquidy, so you have to be careful when you’re pouring it out of the container. It doesn’t sud up (emulsify) quite like normal soap, so you have to work quickly and spread carefully, but it does leave skin really soft and clean. It’s all organic, with extra virgin olive oil, jojoba, palm and hemp oils, and 2% of it is pure aromatic essential oils. No wonder this one gets 10/10 on the peppermint scent rating scale – it punches you in the face and then hangs around just to kick you in the nostrils some more.

Sudz Pure Goats Milk Soap
Price: $7.90
From: Health food stores and the Sudz website

Wash With Joe
Price: $34.95/473mL
From: The Tukk website

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap
Price: $7.95/236mL
From: Health food stores and the Dr. Bronner website

Picture credits:, – These products were offered to me for consideration


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  1. Stella

    September 20, 2010 at 1:50 am

    Oooh I should definitely try out some of these. I love all things minty/pepperminty/spearminty 🙂

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