Purple power with blackcurrant Eclipse mints!

If your school experience was anything like mine, you weren’t allowed to eat in class. BUT you could get away with eating Soothers and Butter Menthols because they were ‘medicinal’. Ha!

I used to chew through blackcurrant soothers like they were lollies, which is probably why they have absolutely zero effect now when I have a sore throat. 

I still love blackcurrant lollies and I was stoked to stumble across blackcurrant Eclipse Mints. So much win! They’re a sweet burst of juicy blackcurrant with a hint of mint – very much like a blackcurrant Soother. Plus, the packaging is a sweet metallic purple which would look amazing as a nail polish (see: OPI for Sephora Rocker Chic collection Just A Little Dangerous purple)

Price: Around the $3 mark
From: Convenience stores
Why you need it: Live it up! Peppermint is so yesterday (literally)


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