Pucker up!

I know I mentioned this lippie a few of weeks ago, but I have to gush again. Normally matte lipstick is really cakey and drying, and by the end of the day you can virtually peel it off. Yuck. Looks great for a little while and then the cracks literally start to form.

Nars is different. Nars have created an innovative blend of intense colour, long-last goodness and, here’s the kicker, a hydrating formula. Matte! Hydrating! When the Nars kids first told me about this I thought they were puffin muffins. How could anyone create a hydrating matte lip? But they did. And it’s moisturising. Not like super I-used-a-chapstick moisturising, but when I apply the lippie at 8am, I can reapply at midday and then at 4 and still be fine when I get home.

It does feel a little bit different to normal lipstick. I find that I am very aware of it when I have it on. Francois Nars recommends that you don’t apply it too thick and I would agree with him (he’s a smart cookie) – one gentle swipe is enough. It’s so pigment-rich that you only need one little layer for colour, and any more than that feels cakey (and wears off quicker).

I intend to rock this all summer with bronzer. It’s such a safe an easy party look – bold, matte lip and shimmery cheeks. If bold red (Vesuvio) isn’t your thing, then it also comes in deep aubergine (Volga), soft rose (Bangkok), cinnamon plum (Tonkin), black cherry (Terre De Feu) and nude beige (Tashkent). My other suggestion from the range would be the nude beige – gorgeous with a peach cheek and loads of lashes.

Price: $54
From: Mecca Cosmetica
Why you need it: For a classy and edgy take on the bold lip. Think of this as an investment.

Don’t forget: the best way to see if a lipstick is the right colour for you is to swipe it on your index finger! That little patch of skin most closely matches the tone of your lips.

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  1. ♥akisa♥

    September 13, 2010 at 1:28 am

    I have this too!! I'm in love with it!! Swatch coming soon on beautyswatch.

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