More chances to win! New beauty site! So many exclamations!

Did you notice the new ad to the side? AND the one down the bottom? Gosh you’re observant.

While we’re chatting (this is the segue), have you checked out Rouge mag yet? It’s a sweet online beauty website (kind of like this one, but prettier) and it’s jammed full of really cool articles and how-to’s with all the beauty bits and bobs you need to know. The super-glam Melissa Hoyer is the Contributing Editor and she knows loads of stuff about everything! AND I have written a feature that will be up there soon.

SO to celebrate the launch of Rouge, they are giving away a trip to the Golden Door Spa on the Gold Coast Hinterland. All you have to do is 1) join and 2) no wait, that’s it. You get return airfares, accommodation and spa treatments for you and your favourite person (hint: that would be me). It’s a kickass prize for doing something that you probably would have done anyway since you’re pretty smart like that.

Comp closes on October 7th, so don’t drag your heels! And don’t forget who told you about it if you win!


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