I got the Power! It smells like sexy man. Not at all like douchebag rapper.

Personally I think 50 Cent is a douchebag and I don’t like to bring him any extra attention – he does a good enough job of that on his own with his twitter diatribes and whatnot (incidentally, check out Queen’s English 50c for a hilarious translation service of all of Fiddy’s tweets).

No, I write today because I think the lid on Fiddy’s latest fragrance Power is really cool. It’s a metal disc with nuts and bolts, and a beautiful intricate pattern engraved on the plate in the middle. Tres masculine. I also like the way it smells, but then again I am quite partial to wearing a men’s fragrance. My very first fragrance was actually the men’s Tommy from Tommy Hilfiger – I still have a bottle in my stash and pull it out on occasion.

In fact, the make-up of my beloved Tommy is very similar to Power: top notes of green citrus and fruit, followed by darker woods, peppers and berries, and then dry base notes. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to it. Power has more bite to it though…it lingers on the skin, and I really enjoy the way the oak moss and black pepper dance with the nutmeg and lemon. Sublime. Either way, I had to steal it back off my Fiancé – we both can’t wear the same fragrance, can we?

Price: $49/50mL or $79/100mL
From: Myer, Priceline, Perfume Connection, some pharmacies
Why you need it: It’s a good masculine fragrance without being too masculine (sorry Fiddy) – excellent for girls who like something a little stronger.

Picture credit: lighthousebeauty.com – this product was offered to me for consideration


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