For all my sensitive sisters out there

I get horrifically sensitive teeth (it’s just one of my many ailments) and I normally use Sensodyne toothpaste to keep the ouchies at bay. I saw the ads for the new Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief and decided to get one of the samples they were offering. I’m such a sucker for advertising.

It tastes like bad breath. Simple as that. I don’t think it’s any better or worse than Sensodyne in terms of sensitive protection, but it tastes like bad breath. Far be it from me to tell a toothpaste company how to do their job, but wouldn’t you go for minty-freshness? I don’t even mind the cinnamon toothpaste I usually buy when I’m in America. But yeah, bad breath flavour seems a bit counter-productive.

Has anyone else tried the new Colgate Sensitive? Do you get sensitive teeth? Think bad breath flavour is a good idea?

Price: $10.89
From: Supermarkets
Why you need it: Well…let’s discuss that, shall we?

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