Cob’s sweet and salty popcorn is poptacular

The slogan for Cob’s Natural Popcorn is try it just once, we guarantee you’ll be hooked!

There is truth in advertising. This is definitely the tastiest snack food I have ever eaten (and I eat a lot of snacks. A LOT.) It somehow manages to be both sweet and salty at the same time. How do they do it? Sweet AND salty together!

Cob’s have 5 flavours of popcorn – original and sea salt organic, original and sea salt natural, and natural cheddar cheese. I don’t understand what the difference between organic and natural popcorn is, and I haven’t tried the sea salt so let’s just assume it’s a bit saltier, hey? Details that I could probably go about my daily life not knowing.

But my goodness…the natural. This is like the Rolls Royce of snacks as far as I’m concerned. It’s incredibly moorish – I challenge you to eat just one handful. There is of course the ever-present danger of kernels getting stuck in your teeth, but it’s a risk I am perfectly happy to take. I am so addicted.

Price: $4/125g bag
From: my local green grocer (Maloney’s on Crown Street)
Why you need it: It’s a healthy snacking alternative

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