A couple of public service announcements for a Thursday:

Did you know that you should regularly clean your makeup brushes. Think about it…they are not only full of product but also skin cells. And then you dip that dirty brush with old prod and old skin cells back into your nice, expensive makeup palette and, well, yuck. You get a much nicer application and you keep your makeup hygienic when your brush is clean. I spray my brushes after each use and then wipe them on a square of toilet paper (which is then obviously thrown in the bin, you josie grossie). Quick and easy.

Grab a bottle of Mecca Cosmetica’s Brush With Success from their store/kiosk/online. It contains alcohol for germ fighting, silk protein and pro-vitamins for keeping the bristles in good nick, and a clean scent so that you don’t cringe next time you put the brush near your face. It’s only $22 for 125mL, which is cheap as chips (maybe chips at a posh restaurant), and it will last you for aaaages. Splash out.

I am completely obsessed with Eat Drink Chic by Amy Moss and I think you should be too. Every visit to her site makes me want to overhaul my house/wardrobe/life and be more gorgeous. It’s an ever-changing inspiration board. Same can be said for Little Bits of Lovely, which is like interiors-porn (sorry for describing your beautiful blog as porn, Rachel, but it gets me excited.)

Don’t forget to enter the competition to win one of five gold bars full of magical Lindt goodness. Comp closes at 5pm today and I’ll draw it tomorrow morning. Just shoot me an email with chocolate in the subject line and your name and address inside the email. Maybe next time I’ll do a mail in competition because it’s too hard to take bribes over email. I kid! I kid!


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