Which house on Crescent Row do you want to live in?

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Firstly, I love the concept behind Crescent Row. A whole family of fragrances, each with their own unique personality much like any street. The first set of Crescent Row fragrances (Laugh with Me LeeLee, Something about Sofia, My Place or Yours Gina) were just gorgeous and I can get behind any sort of product with a back story. You’re not familiar with it? Let me enlighten you…Jean’s daughters Maggie and Annie (as in Jean Ford, one of the creators of Benefit) were on a trip to Bath in England and were inspired by the beautiful Royal Crescent. The girls envisioned different types of chicks living as neighbours on this iconic strip, and Crescent Row was born. And now we have three new girls moving into the neighbourhood.

Of the three perfumes there is one I am head over heels in love with, one that I like and one that doesn’t work at all on my skin.

On paper Lookin’ To Rock Rita should be right up my alley but it just doesn’t smell on my skin. Perfume is a very personal thing and works differently with each person’s skin chemistry; for some reason this just didn’t work with my skin and seemed to disappear as soon as I sprayed it. This was disappointing because it’s a beautiful scent with very coconut-y top notes followed by fig and violet. When I sprayed it on my guinea pig it was beautiful and had a slightly tropical feel (probably the coconut top notes – coconut always makes me crave cocktails and sunshine!)

Garden of Good and Eva is best described as fresh. The initial hit of pear and watermelon is very crisp, and then it mellows out as the rosebud and jasmine comes through. To me this is a really summery fragrance and it works well on my skin. It reminds me of being in the country and was very enjoyable to wear.

My favourite of the three is So Hooked On Carmella and I have been wearing it obsessively since I first got my hands on it 2 months ago. It is an exquisite blend of vanilla, rhubarb and peony, and smells like Baileys. Honestly, I’m totally cool with smelling like Baileys! This is definitely the creamiest and smoothest of the Row family, and is lovely and girlie.

Price: $59 each
From: Benefit stores/counters
Why you need it: There is something on the Row for everyone and a new perfume is as good as holiday! (especially if, like me, you didn’t get a real holiday this year)

These products were sent to me for review through Sassi Sam

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