The Monday Click-Fest

I love a good list on a Monday, don’t you? Lists make me feel more organised, which is generally a good feeling at the start of the week (before it all goes to shit on a Tuesday and I spend the rest of the week chasing my fluffy little tail). Without further ado…

  • I want you to pop over to The Mane Loves and check out my good friend Kat’s new hair blog. This chick knows tonnes about hair care and we spend hours talking hair masks, treatments and shampoo.
  • Speaking of hair, you know the awesome hair prods and now skin care prods from hilarious brand evo? The brand that writes the funny copy on the bottles? Yeah, their new website has just been launched so you can buy their goodness online and have it land in your letterbox. Any brand that has online purchasability (yep, made that word up) is a-ok in my book.
  • Pop on over to the fabulous Sassi Sam and check out what I thought of the new Benefit Crescent Row perfumes (here’s a spoiler: I thought they were good). I will also re-post my review here later in the week if you can’t be assed clicking.
  • If you can be assed clicking though, head on over to The Nail File and check out what I have been doing lately. Let me assure you that I go through a lot of nail polish remover to keep that little blog running.
  • I won an award at work last week! Check me out wearing the gorgeous new Nars Matte lipstick in Vesuvio. It’s surprisingly moisturising for a matte lippie and the colour is outstanding. It will be available Aug 23rd exclusively at Mecca for $54 – get excited.

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