In the bathroom: my brow maintenance

I get a lot of compliments and comments on my eyebrows (does that sound vain? It’s more a statement of fact than a brag) so I thought I would metaphorically take you inside my bathroom to show you the sorts of prods I use to maintain these slugs.

I have them shaped regularly by the uber-talented Melisa Silvestro at Fifty Four Park. As a kid they were big and bushy, and then over the years got gradually thinner and thinner (silly!). I’m trying to reverse that damage now and get them back to a thick and healthy shape, but occasionally they need a helping hand.

To cover the few little spots around the edges where the hair has been a bit slow coming back in, I use Benefit Instant Brow brow pencil (now available in ‘deep’, for those ladies with really dark brown/black brows – holla at me, asian girls). I set them in place using either Covergirl clear mascara or hairspray on an old cleaned mascara brush; thrifty. To highlight the shape of the brows I use a quick swipe of Benefit High Brow underneath. High Brow is a lovely, creamy light pinkish pencil that adds an extra dimension to the face and makes the brows pop, which I totally love. Good eyebrows frame your face and make the rest of your features look good. Kind of like a backup dancer who works their ass off to make the lead singer look good (Kevin Federline is the exception to this rule).

My top tips for brows are 1 – Always have them professionally shaped. Even if your brows are in reasonable shape, having them done every few months by a pro can totally transform them. Promise! 2 – Make sure they are the right colour for you. My brow girl recommends either a couple of shades lighter or darker than your hair colour. Matchy matchy can look drab, and stark contrasts like dark brows and blonde hair are best left to high fashion. Always seek a professional before changing your brow colour – there are a million things that can go wrong. 3 – Make sure your waxer uses good quality wax. I had a wax once at a cheap-o salon that will remain nameless (coughLeah’sWaxworkscough) and they used the cheap’n’nasty strip wax (leg wax) on my face. MY FACE! My brows and eyes swelled up like a balloon, which was not a pretty sight. I shudder just thinking about it. 4 – Don’t ever put real slugs on your face. Unattractive.

Benefit Instant Brow pencil
Price: $39
From: Benefit

Benefit High Brow highlighter
Price: $39
From: Benefit
Why you need them: Perfectly groomed brows can make you look younger. Need I say more?

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  1. Bree @ The Blog Stylist

    August 9, 2010 at 10:03 am

    As an ex-beauty editor, I can pretty much DIY every beauty treatment there is, but there's one I'll continue to pay for, for the rest of my life: having my brows professionally done! When done correctly they frame my face, make me look more awake and I get loads of compliments. That's $40 well spent, I say!

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