Food Fashion Friends from Fleur Wood – all the things I love in life

It’s really difficult to restrain myself not to post when I buy beautiful things to give as gifts. I bought the incredibly gorgeous Food Fashion Friends by Fleur Wood as an engagement present and thankfully the party is over now, the present has been delivered and I can post about it. Happy engagement J&J!

Food Fashion Friends is a beautiful coffee table tome full of all the things Fleur Wood loves in life. Whilst she is best known for her sartorial offerings, she is also a passionate cook and entertainer (the food kind, not the singing and dancing kind…or maybe she is? I dunno). The book is full of whimsical and creative ideas for dinner parties and afternoon teas – fondue degustation, butterfly shaped canapés and picnics worthy of fashion shoots.

While the recipes are bang-up top notch, the main selling point is that it’s inspirational to look at. One of my favourite features is the fact it is printed on all different types of stock. Thick, shiny stock for the dark fondue pages, matte stock for the colourful picnic…flicking through the book is exciting because each page is a visual treat and you never know what you are going to get when you turn over. Hopefully the recipients enjoy it as much as I did for the few days I had it in my possession!

Price: $59.95
From: Fleur Wood stores, Fleur Wood online, all good book stores
Why you need it: To fill a gap in your cookbook collection – this is not just food, but how to create the whole package for the perfect event

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  1. Michelle

    August 23, 2010 at 6:08 am

    Fleur was on The Circle and seemed so lovely and the book looks beautiful. A must-have!!!!

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