Antipodes week: Work harder at night

Did you know you need a different cream for daytime and nighttime? Well…need might be a bit of an exaggeration. But, think about it…during the day you’re out in sunlight, you need SPF, you’re battling smog and pollution, you’re wearing makeup. At night you’re resting & rejuvenating, and so is your skin. Different situations, ergo, different treatments required. I’ll tell you about my day cream later in the week, but right now we’re talking sleepy time.

Antipodes Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream is a beautifully thick and rich pot of slap. It deeply hydrates while you snooze, and promises to enhance the production of collagen. Personally I haven’t spoken to my collagen cells lately, so I can’t verify whether they are working overtime, but my skin does seem a little tighter. Also, this little prod contains a potent antioxidant extract from the Vinanza Grape, which helps to neutralize evil free radical damage. These are from Marlborough sauvignon blanc grapeseeds. My favourite kind of grapeseeds! Mmm…sweet Marlborough sauv blanc.

Even Elizabeth, the woman who dingin’ created this product, is amazed by it. “This is our number one product, with very impressive in-vitro collagen results, placing it very firmly in the anti-ageing category of skincare.” In-vitro means the tests were performed in a controlled environment like a lab. Probably a bit more high tech than a high school science lab with bunsen burners and test tubes (and to this day, I can’t say test tube without hearing the voice of Mrs. Lipari, my year 7 science teacher)

Quick hint: When I put any cream on my face, I always put a little extra on the back of my hands to stop my hands showing early signs of ageing. You’re welcome.

Price: $49
From: David Jones
Why you need it: Make the most of your sleep and use a hardworking night cream.

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