Antipodes week: The SPF that doesn’t feel like an SPF

I have left my favourite product until last (I think Vanessa Williams wrote a song about that once) – the daily SPF. This product just makes sense to me. I know I should be wearing an SPF everyday, but regular sunscreen makes my skin throw tantrums and I don’t really like the way it smells (first world problems, I know). Obviously I persist with the SPF situation (skin cancer and all that jazz) but nothing has felt right to me until now.

Immortal Daily Moisturiser SPF 15 is a beautiful day cream that smells good AND it has SPF in it. It’s like I have tricked my skin into wearing sunscreen (shhh….let’s keep it a secret). It’s also light so it doesn’t feel like it’s clogging my pores and it is not greasy at all. Another selling point? Pump bottle. I love anything that has easy application. When I was asking Elizabeth about this product she said, “This is one of very few genuinely natural SPFs. It feels beautiful and light on the skin and it provides broad spectrum protection 15 times your natural burn time in the sunlight.” So, uh, I was on the right track when I said it was light. Would have been awkward if I had said the opposite, hey.

This nails two birds with one stone because my SPF is now in my daily moisturiser (one step ticks two boxes – gosh I’m efficient) and the lovely anti-ageing ingredients like raspberry oil, vivanza grape (there’s that Marlborough wine again) and hyaluronic acid keep my skin healthy. No wonder it’s called immortal.

Price: $49
From: David Jones
Why you need it: Don’t make me give you the daily SPF lecture! This is a supernice way to cover off a necessity.

Extra bits and pieces you need to know about Antipodes: While you can currently buy Antipodes in David Jones, you will also be able to buy it from Myer from October 1st! This is excellent news if you’re into collecting Myer One points (they give gift vouchers, which gets a thumbs up from me).

Also: Antipodes has an amazing new product called Joyous Protein-Rich Night Replenishing Serum that will be on shelves September 1st. I’m really looking forward to this prod because it claims it will help restore collagen, deliver natural radiance and protect & hydrate. Expectations are high! If I try it, I’ll report back.

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  1. Caity

    August 20, 2010 at 3:07 am

    I think I will buy this after reading your review – whilst I do go a lovely tan colour in summer simply due to fortunate genes, I NEVER, EVER put my face in the sun…wrinkles and freckles are not something I aspire to. But at the cost of my skin – sunscreen perpetually makes me break out. This sounds great – is it fine for putting makeup over the top of? (foundation specifically)

  2. Elise @ StuffThatIBought

    August 20, 2010 at 7:01 am

    I put my makeup on over the top of this every day without a problem. Because it doesn't have that oily, greasy feeling like regular SPF, foundation doesn't slide off.

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