Antipodes week: Look after your hands, you only have two of them

If you have visited my other project The Nail File, you might be aware that I’m a wee bit obsessed with my hands (and if you haven’t visited, you should. It’s fun, I promise). I always have my nails painted and do my best to keep my hands looking nice, even though I think I have the world’s driest cuticles. This means I go through a lot of hand cream and you can always count on me to have one stashed on the bedside table/in the handbag/on my desk/under the couch.

The Antipodes Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream is a bit of a favourite because it smells good, feels good AND doesn’t damage my jewellery! There are a few hand creams that I really love but they tarnish my silver claddagh ring when I put them on, and that’s kind of annoying. According to my jeweller, hand creams should never damage gold (and goodness me, there must be something wrong with them if they do), but some hand creams contains ingredients that don’t mix very well with silver or costume jewellery. Quickest way to catch your man out…that ring he claimed was white gold? Yeah…

Anyway, this hand cream contains avocado oil for nourishing and hydrating, and sweet orange, tonka bean and sandalwood for an amazing amazing scent. I read a study once that you should use citrus cleaners in the home because the smell of citrus is very uplifting and energising. Same goes for your hand cream – this cream will slap you across the face and snap you to attention (although not literally slap you, ‘cos that’s not really very nice).

Price: $32
From: David Jones
Why you need it: To keep your hands moisturised, your cuticles in good nick and your spirit buzzing.

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