Antipodes week: Buzz buzz…a sweet treat for your cheeks

Whinge whinge, moan moan…it’s hard to keep skin happy and hydrated in winter (gosh I can’t wait ‘til we can turn the heating off in the office!) My skin is in a perpetual state of dry and dull, which doesn’t look or feel very nice. I have been using the Aura Manuka Honey Mask two or three times a week and it has made a huge difference.

It’s the easiest mask in the world to use:

  1. wash your face as you normally would before bed
  2. squeeze some mask out of the tube and onto your face
  3. enjoy the faint smell of honey; resist the urge to lick your face
  4. read a magazine for 10 minutes
  5. wash the excess off with warm water
  6. apply your night cream
  7. crawl into bed knowing your skin loves you.

I occasionally substitute a book for a magazine in step 4, but essentially the routine is the same.

My skin? Feels softer and more hydrated. It’s not some sort of miracle cure, but it’s definitely a little luxury to do a simple mask a few times a week.

Price: $49
From: David Jones
Why you need it: Take 10 minutes out of your day to spoil yourself and keep your mug hydrated

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