A lick of colour and a hint of cool

Can I tell you how massively in love I was with Rachel McAdams hair in 2007 when she did the pink highlights thing? Massively in love. I desperately wanted to run pink highlights through my hair, but didn’t have the cool factor to pull it off and would have ended up looking like a try-hard who abused a tube of fudge. Très tragique.

I had long forgotten about that phase until a few months ago when some hot young socialite I follow on twitter post pics of herself with subtle pink highlights through their hair. “Oh wow”, I thought, “that looks hot”. And then someone else posted a pic of themselves with pink highlights. When the third person in a week twitpic’d their hot new hair I knew it was a trend and I wanted in. Sadly, I still don’t have the cool factor for it, but that doesn’t stop me these days.

Instead of going the fudge route, I had to go a safer option. I might work in media, but I don’t think my (male) boss would quite ‘get’ what I was going for, which led me to clip-ins from Splice Curls. Just as I was googling them (Ricki-Lee and Dannii Minogue both use their prods, wouldn’t you know) an email from them popped into my inbox. Fate. The universe wanted to me to have pink highlights!

If you have never tried clip-in extensions before, let me tell you how easy they are. You literally just clip them in and you’re done. They don’t hurt and you don’t even notice they are there. You style them the way you would normal hair with styling products and straighteners/curlers. BUT personally I always take them out overnight and to shower – you really have to look after them and treat them gently for them to last.

I tried out the baby pink colour and it was so much fun! It’s just the tiniest lick of colour, so it catches your eye when you move. I photographed it for you in my sister’s lovely blonde hair (in various lights) because, dare I say, they looked better on her blonde locks than on my brown mop. But whatever, I’m not bitter. For the few hours I have these in, I like to think I’m cool.

Price: They range from $15.40 to $24.20 depending on the length you get (they come in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50cm)
From: Splice Curls are available through the Headlines Hairpieces website
Extra info: There are 14 colours to choose from if you don’t have pink fantasies like me – Aqua, Baby Pink, Black, Blonde, Blue, Choc Brown, Caramel, Copper, Green, Orange, Pink, Plum, Purple and Red.
Why you need them: To add some personality to your hair (not that your hair doesn’t have personality already sugar, but, you know, this adds something extra)

This product was given to me for consideration

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