The eternal quest for glossy

I’m pretty sure every female has that ultimate product that they are always on the hunt for. For me, it’s clear gloss. I have tried dozens and dozens of clear glosses over the years to try and pin down the right one for me. I have a friend who has about 17 nude coloured glosses on her dressing table and none of them are the ‘right nude’. Another friend has half a dozen black nail polishes because none of them are the right black (how hard is a black polish? Very, apparently).

Anyway, I found my ultimate clear gloss quite by accident. A friend of mine who works at a beauty company sent me a little parcel with a few bits and pieces she thought I might like to try. She had no idea of my eternal quest, but it was kismet. I think I heard angels singing the first time I applied it. Ahhhh.

This is no ordinary gloss. Buxom Lips from Bare Escentuals is a super-hyper-mega plumping gloss. It tingles when you put it on and the peppermint makes it really cool and refreshing. Not everyone will like this, but I love the feeling of my lips tingling away. The gloss smells amazing – the combo of peppermint and vanilla is good enough to eat, and it must have maple syrup in it, or maybe coffee, because I can definitely smell a sweet hit (smells better than it tastes though). It’s a slick gloss that glides on smoothly and has enough hold in it that it doesn’t run. It also isn’t sticky or tacky, which is usually the biggest problem with clear glosses. Looks amazing over lipstick, but I like it best on its own; it makes my natural lip colour sparkle and fizz. Definitely a keeper.

FYI the clear gloss is called Krystal. There are also other colours – varying shades of pinks, corals, browns etc. I haven’t tried any of the colours yet, so can only comment on the clear.

Price: $75 (Just quietly, I know it’s much much cheaper at Sephora, so if you have someone heading to the states, get them to get you one)
From: Myer and DJs
Why you need it: Hopefully this is your ultimate clear too

This product was sent to me for consideration

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