Taming the winter mane

I’m going to be really glad when spring hits. When it’s hot I can wash my hair, spray some sea salt spray and be done with it. Blowdry? Pfft no, my hair is dry in 5 minutes. But come winter I need all sorts of products to fight frizz and dryness, plus heat protection for all the time under the hairdryer. As if I want to be getting up earlier in winter just to dry my hair?!

Thankfully between dry shampoo for my oily roots (Batiste is still my all time favourite, and it has to be tropical) and a moisturising day cream to fight the frizz and dryness, I have been pretty under control. Best bit? I’m doing it on the cheap. Batiste is only $10 for a can, and Pantene All Day Smooth cream is $7. That’s $17 that gets me an extra day out of my blowdry!

The Pantene All Day Smooth light weight cream is an apple scented gel that you just need to warm between your fingers and gently run over your dry ends. Just like magic, you have instant detangling and softening of angry ends from too much back-combing (I back-comb my top knots…and I wear a lot of top knots!) Get amongst it people.

Price: $9.95 – Batiste/$6.99 – Pantene
From: Priceline/Supermarkets
Why you need it: For the extra sleep in the morning

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