Buy your skin a coffee to cheer it up

Is it just me or is everyone operating in high gear at the moment? I feel like I am constantly chasing my tail…meetings, functions, dinners, long hours…trying to fit everything in seems impossible. There are about 5 hours too few in my day.

I very sensibly managed to schedule an hour into my calendar last week for a facial. I had a Priori Coffeeberry facial coupled with some Omnilux, which I have spoken about before. Honestly, I just wanted the Omnilux so that I could get some fake sunshine. I am craving light and heat and warmth so badly at the moment; this weather is just ridiculous.

Anyway, the Priori Coffeeberry facial was incredibly lush. It started with a revitalising cleanse to wash all the dirt and grime away, and then a botanical enzyme masque peel. My beautiful therapist Gwen explained to me that this was the same action as a chemical peel but a natural version – enzymes of papaya, pumpkin, willowbark and coffeeberry antioxidants are used for exfoliation. Chemical peels kind of scare me, but this felt nice and didn’t irritate my skin at all.

After the peel it was all about the products – tightening serum, brightening complex, day complex, night complex and finally radiance eye serum. All of these products are available to buy so you can use them at home, but there is something far nicer about having someone else rub them on your face. If I had the money, I would keep a beauty therapist in my bathroom to rub my face cream in for me twice a day (if you can work for minimal pay and don’t mind the cold, please send your resume through).

The Priori products combined with the Omnilux Revive really made my skin glow. Like, GLOW. Hyper-mega-ultra glow. Radiant. And I felt much more relaxed and a little less uptight after dedicating an hour to myself and my wellbeing. There is much to be said for looking after yourselves, girls.

Price: Coffeeberry peels are about $99, combination of Coffeeberry peel and Omnilux is about $160, Omnilux on its own is $110…depends on where you go
From: Check the Spa Universe website for salons
Why you need it: To treat your skin to a well deserved peel and some rejuvenating sunlight. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive and even pregnant ladies.

PS – Happy 300th post! Yay me! And yay you for reading! Buy yourself a slice of cake today and celebrate how great you are.

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