One for the lads – look after your face!

I’m not the only one in this house who tries products out. Yes, the bathroom might be covered in 90% female products, but Fiancé also likes to look after himself (he just got rid of a weeks worth of facial hair – turns out he’s part ginger!)

I have spoken about how cool evo is before, with their simple packaging and smartass attitude. Evo are now doing mens prodz and I brought home some evo uberwurst shaving crème and winners face balm; we both had a laugh over the copy on the tubes. The face balm claims “this product is all about men; engineered by engineers who understand men, are men or want to be men; it’s for busy, masculine men. If this balm was any tougher, it would be called universal sweat…for men”. How could you not want to put that on your face?! It’s so manly and rugged. I’m imagining Paul Bunyip slapping a coat on and then going out to chop a tree. And as for the shaving crème, “you want to be ze best? Zen you must use ze uberwurst [ze top sausage of hair removal]”. Surely any product that speaks to you in an accent like a Bond villain is worthy.

But most importantly, are they good? Yes. The shaving crème is a thick balm that lathers slightly as it softens whiskers and protects the skin. It has a slight hint of menthol for a fresh feeling. No, I haven’t been shaving my face but I did use it on some other body parts when he wasn’t looking.

The face balm is slick and gel-like. It feels a tad greasy when you wipe it on and then it sinks in straight away and disappears. I didn’t use it on my face, but I did have a good play with it. There is a slight hint of a fragrance which I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s a touch of mint and a touch of musk. Fiancé seems quite happy with it and has almost finished the shaving crème already, which is very unusual.

Price: 50mL – $9.95; 150mL – $24.95 for both
From: check the evo website for a salon near you
Why you need it: For skin as smooth as a baby sausage

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