Getting my urban on for winter

I went a little nuts a couple of weeks ago when the dollar was so good. I did a huge Urban Outfitters order and wrote a massive list for Victoria’s Secret and Sephora since my Mum was going over. Sadly, by the time my Mum went shopping in LA the dollar had significantly weakened (don’t worry, that didn’t stop her though) but I was far more successful with my exchange rate on my Urban Outfitters order. I love that being seasonally opposite means I can pick up their end of season stuff for a steal.

I bought two dresses, a jacket, a pair of legwarmers and 2 gifts. The jacket was a bust – first time I have been disappointed with UO. They have a range called Urban Renewal that is recycled vintage stuff, and the jacket they sent me was nothing at all like the jacket on the website. If anyone is a size 10-12 and 5’5”+, then have I got the vintage grey tweed blazer for you! Email me. But I digress.

The two dresses kick ass. I have worn the green one half a dozen times already – it’s a sweater dress so it’s warm and it has cute shoulders. The other dress also has cute shoulders but it’s super short so I can’t wear it on days I intend to bend over a lot. It’s an important consideration.

As for the legwarmers…well, I look at them a lot but I’m not sure about wearing them with tights (faux pas?) and it’s too cold for bare legs. This is quite the conundrum. Maybe I can just wear them on my arms?

Price: legwarmers $4.99; green dress $14.99; dot dress $19.99 + shipping (all in USD)
From: Urban Outfitters
Why you need it: At those prices, you’re crazy not to grab some end of season bargains!

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    June 1, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    That's quite the haul. Good effort!

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