5 Nails in 5 Days – Day One

Sunday = visiting the in-laws for an amazing Sunday night roast. The brief was comfort and style since I was out in public, but also needing to stay warm in this horrific winter weather. Hello, leather jacket and oversized scarf.

Today’s nails were Who The Shrek Are You – the ogre green, which is a rather unusual and weird shade. It didn’t paint on so well; two coats left it streaky and even three wasn’t perfect. This is always a problem with anything that has a yellow base (same goes for tomorrow’s colour).

Outfit: black and silver shimmery lurex top with bat-wings, black pants and black & silver flats. Leather jacket for outside time.

Ease of matching nails to outfit: I knew this was going to be a tricky one so I went with basic black. This is a statement colour, so needs to be worn with black to stand out.

Number of compliments: 1 (although it was a more a statement of acknowledgement than a compliment)

Likelyhood to wear again: 2/5 – probably in summer

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  1. ♥akisa♥

    June 6, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    I don't know if I'd ever wear that green! It does express confidence though that you're capable of pulling off just about any colour.

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