The facial that saved my sanity

Just before the Anzac Day long weekend I was invited to experience a Decleor Aroma Infusion Facial. At this point in time I was stressed out, wiped out and so highly strung that the simplest thing may have caused me to snap. By the time I got to my facial I was barely functioning.

My amazing therapist assessed my skin and state of mind (the tense shoulders were probably a giveaway) and started off with a Signature Back Diagnostic Massage. This involved warm Spa Relax Aromatic Massage Balm down my spine and across my shoulders. This one simple act instantly started to melt the rocks that had taken residence around my neck. Next was a Pressure Point Massage using Ylang-ylang Aroma Essence oil, which the therapist picked for my congested and combination skin. The thing with an aroma massage/facial is it’s not just using various oils because they smell nice, but also for their therapeutic benefits. Ylang-ylang has a euphoric and sedative effective on the nervous system, and helps with anxiety and tension. Hello, new best friend.

Next up she used some more regenerating oil on my face with a bit of a massage (heaven) and slapped my face with a clay and herbal mask to draw out the billions of toxins that had been having a party in my skin. She then popped another mask on top of the first one – crushed linseed for hydration. As she was putting this on my skin my senses actually started tingling (spidey senses?) – it’s that aromatherapy at work and it’s magical! Couple this magical aromatherapy with a head massage and it’s all over.

Final phase was a hydra floral hydrating moisturiser and eye & lip moisturising mask. By this time she could have covered me in cockroaches and I probably wouldn’t have cared because I was so blissed out. I tried to have a conversation with the therapist after the treatment but I couldn’t even concentrate enough to pull out my notebook let alone form a sentence. And you know what? I’m ok with that. This is how I want to feel after a treatment!!

Once I got the power of speech and the ability to hold a pencil back I started to make notes and all I could think was “When she dribbled hot oil down my spine, I sighed. When she started massaging my head, I drooled. When she started rubbing my feet, I audibly groaned. Did I just have an affair?”

Yes, I audibly groaned. The sign of a good treatment, no?

Price: From $140
From: Decleor belongs to the Spa Universe family – check their website for salons in your local area. Most of the products used during treatment are from the professional range, but you can also buy their retail versions at Myer and DJs.
Why you need it: For complete and utter relaxation, and glowing healthy skin. I don’t think I have ever felt as relaxed after a treatment as I did after this one.

Special thanks to Gwen and Mia at True Solutions for having me in for this treatment. I think you saved my sanity!

Picture credit: Spa Universe – That’s totally what I looked like, although probably with more drool.

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