Superfun nail art for a Monday!

After seeing the gorgeous polka dot nails ORLY did for Karla Spetic at RAFW last week, I went home that night and polka-dotted the sh!t out of my nails! I will warn you that doing polka dot patterns, or any patterns for that matter, is not the easiest thing in the world. Of course, one hand always ends up looking better than the other (easiest way to tell if someone is a lefty or rights is to check their mani) but it’s such a fun trend and I got so many compliments!

I started with a base of High Hopes – this is a vivid bright orange-red, almost orange-coral colour from the new China Glaze Up and Away collection. This whole collection is gorgeous and I’ll give you the rundown of it soon. Anyway, I wanted to do black polka dots so that they really popped. I started off by using the end of a bamboo skewer and black nail polish but because the wood wasn’t soft enough I couldn’t get a decent flat and round circle. Hmmm…conundrum.

At this point I switched to a Sharpie. Yep, a good old black permanent marker. It was quicker than fiddling with nail polish and a slick of top coat meant it lasted a couple of days. What do you think? Using bright colours gives this cool dinosaur egg effect and as long as people don’t look too closely, you’re sweet.

China Glaze
Price: $14.95
From: Salons – check the Hawley website for stockists
Why you need it: Great colours with a really strong formula that lasts.

Price: $8.19 for pack of 4
From: Office works
Why you need it: Quick and easy nail art!

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  1. Nat

    May 10, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    Sally Hansen has nailpolish 'textas' in a number of colours too – they'd work well for this. You can get them at Priceline (where all glorious things are sold).

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