Show some love on Mother’s Day

Quick poll: does it sound dirty if I give my Nan Love Balm for Mother’s Day?

I only ask because Jurlique are doing a gift pack of Rose Hand Cream and Love Balm, and I know my Nan would love the Hand Cream, and the Love Balm would come in handy in winter to protect her lips and other dry skin, but it just sounds kind of…wrong? Maybe I just have a dirty mind.

I bought my Nan a beautiful set of tea cups and saucers from Victoria’s Basement (such a Nana present, right?) They were on sale so I feel like I need to get her something else as well. Does anyone else ever feel like that when they have bought gifts on sale, or is it just me? Anyway, the Rose Hand Cream seemed like a good idea but I just wasn’t sure how she would take the Love Balm.

As for my Mother? She gets a card in her suitcase. I love her dearly but she will be travelling so all she gets from me is a list of all the stuff I want her to buy me. Sorry Ma…you know the rules!
Jurlique Roses Gift Set

Price: $49
From: Jurlique (stores, David Jones and various chemists and health food stores)
Why you need it: It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your Mum or your Nan, as long as you don’t feel a bit cheeky with the whole Love Balm thing.

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