Organic mascara vs organic mascara

There is such a huge move towards organic in cosmetics right now. I did a big analysis of key trends in the beauty industry recently and organic was definitely top of the list. I figured I may as well jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about.

Certification: Not tested on animals (cruelty free), Vegan
They say: A gentle natural mascara to enhance the lashes, achieving a soft natural look. No clumping or flaking and Livinia Mascara is excellent for people with sensitive eyes.
I say: The first time I used this I loved it. The more I used it, the more flakey I found it though.
Comes in: black
Fattening: No
Lengthening: Yes
Staying power: Moderate
Brush: Thick and round
Price: $32
From: certain spas and chemists – check their website

Suvana Bio Lash
Certification: ECO CERT, Cosmebio, Not tested on animals
They say: Suvana’s Bio Lash has been specifically developed for sensitive eyes and is hypoallergenic and opthamologically tested. Not only is Bio Lash perfect for sensitive eyes it also has a special formulation that is nourishing and protective, and a blend of organic ingredients designed to care for the delicate eye area. Bio Lash thickens and lengthens, whilst it encourages the growth of strong and luxurious lashes.
I say: It didn’t make my lashes grow strong and luxurious, but it did feel nourishing. It was a little clumpy, but was easily brushed out.
Comes in: Cleopatra Black and Tiger’s Eye Brown
Fattening: No
Lengthening: No
Staying power: Reasonably good
Brush: Fine and round
Price: $25.95
From: Myer, pharmacies and health food stores – website here

You should give one of these a go if you have sensitive eyes, allergies or wear contacts and are concerned about irritants. Also good to know there are vegan options.

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