One to share with the Grandkids

Whoa Mama! Talk about the ultimate lust list item. Bulgari is celebrating 125 years by releasing an exclusive super special limited edition (all the important stuff) Eau Parfumée au thé vert 125th Anniversary Celebration Coffret (translation: box set). This is 350mL of glorious perfume in a pump atomizer engraved with silver filigree work, an extra refill bottle and a Bulgari silver funnel. Lush.

This is real family heirloom stuff. It doesn’t come cheap though at $329 AND it won’t be on counters – you have to buy it through the Cosmax office. Mainly because there will only be ten of these sets released in Australia. Talk about exclusive.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone have $330 I can borrow? I promise it’s for a good cause…

Price: $329
From: The Cosmax office – call (02) 9695 5678.
Why you need it: To celebrate the history and class of an iconic fragrance brand. The ultimate must have for the perfume addicts collection.

Picture credit: Cosmax

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  1. MsCritique

    May 11, 2010 at 9:03 am

    Wow. 10 – that is exclusive. Almost too few to make me want it?

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