Night cream dream

I’m not the only one whinging and moaning about crappy skin caused by crappy weather (although I am possibly the loudest whinger). My dear friend Kat has also been experiencing the same side effects from this glorious almost-winter wind and rain fest. To help ease her pain I threw her a tub of Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream and instructed her get hydrated. Then report back, obvs.

“During the night your skin’s ability to absorb active ingredients is at its peak, so by using a cream which is designed to nourish and moisturise the skin you are giving your skin a high-5. Night creams contain more nourishing anti-aging active ingredients that stimulate cell renewal, restore skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. And since winter has come along with a cold and wet vengeance, my skin has been freaking out and looking a little lacklustre. My combination skin is also very dry in certain areas – talk about an identity crisis!

It’s Clarins to the rescue! Specifically their Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream which contains kiwi extract, organic carob extract and other incredible ingredients which boost cellular renewal and encourages the production of collagen. All of which helps reduce the appearance of early wrinkles and make makeup go on easier and last longer – score! The cream itself is pretty dreamlike; it wasn’t oily or too heavy (three little bears? Just right). It was also really easy incorporating the night cream into my daily routine. After some teeth brushing and face cleaning, the night cream goes on and I’m ready for some z’s. Then when I wake up, my face is smooth and moisturised – ready to fight another day of air con and wind.

It’s definitely a winter essential, right next to my bed socks and dressing gown. Go forth and have wonderful wrinkle free dreams.”

Good one Kat. No wonder you have been glowing!

Price: $89/50mL
From: Clarins counters, pharmacies or adorebeauty
Why you need it: To fight wrinkles while you sleep.
Extra stuff you need to know: Kat tried the lightweight cream for normal to combination skin. It’s also available in a rich cream for normal to dry skin.

Picture credit: Clarins

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  1. miss-sher

    May 31, 2010 at 2:29 am

    Ohhh Thanks for the review! I've been thinking its time to add a anti-wrinkle cream to my routine.

    I got a whole lot of Clinique gift vouchers for my bday so if you have any clinique reviews please share them here 😀

  2. miss-sher

    May 31, 2010 at 2:39 am

    P.s If you see this/hear anything about this product can you let me know!

    Ive found a hair dresser near me with the new GHD colours, I think i'm getting red!

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