My Ruby lover

Oooooh lordy, did I fall in love last night! Ruby Smallbone’s collection was just gorgeous – very fun and very wearable. The clothes, the makeup, the hair…it all worked and I walked out of the show wanting to tie my hair up and hit the shops.

Just on the hair, Jayne Wild did a bang-up job for ghd. The brief was cool, edgy party girl who has just thrown her hair up to hit the dance floor. The result can be described as ‘Elise’s favourite hairstyle ever’ and it has made me reconsider the hair chop I was about to make an appointment for. I grabbed the How To for it and I can pretty much guarantee this is how I will do my hair every day next week. Just you watch.

1. Lightly mist the hair with ghd Thermal Protector and dry into the hair. If hair is fine
then add some ghd Maximise Mousse in also, this will help give volume to the root. (my hair is insanely fine, so mousse it is!!)

2. Section off an inch in from hairline all the way around the head and clip away. (this sounds weird, but basically just move the outside bits away so you can get the middle)

3. Taking fine sections, lightly tease the whole length of the hair and spray lightly with
ghd Creation Spray before running a ghd Styler through and leaving to cool.
Continue throughout this section then brush out all the ‘tangles’ enough to run your
fingers through. This creates a lot more volume or ‘bagginess’ to the top knot. (translation: make it all full gritty so it has body and is easy to style)

4. Next gather all the hair in your hands on top of the head, making sure the front
section is slightly to one side, giving a softer more feminine feel, and tie at root. (self explanatory?)
5. Then loop the mid lengths through an elastic and wrap excess hair around the roots,
fastening with a bobby pin. Make sure the root area of the hair is nicely ‘baggy’ not
taunt. Lightly spray with ghd Ultimate Hairspray where needed. (also self explanatory. Might be a bit tricky if you don’t have long enough hair though)

6. Finally gently rub the hairline of the head and encourage hair to gently fall before
misting the roots with ghd Reflection Spray to give a naturally ‘danced out’ hairline. (I’m heaps good at messy! Usually by accident though)

Notice the green hair straightener in the pics? Pretty darn cute. I still can’t decide if I want red, blue, purple or green.

How cute is the makeup too – Napoleon did a simple, clean look, with just a hint of nutmeg to contour the mega cheekbones of the modules. Everything else is highlighters, peach, bronze, mascara and soft peach lips. All stuff you probably have in the bathroom already. Go forth and be beautiful this weekend!

Picture credit: ghdfashion

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