Make a good hair day even better

You remember how I was banging on about the Colour Collection ghd straighteners last week? They hit shelves on Tuesday just passed and they are schmick. You may have seen the ambient ads in bus shelters? The colours are to coincide with the launch of Sex and the City 2 – ghd is a sponsor and has firmly sat itself in one of the front seats on the bandwagon.

Each straightener set comes with a black sun-glass style case (long, hard, flips open) and a heat-resistant quilted pouch. There are four colours – Purple Indulgence (Carrie), Green with Envy (Miranda), Blue Serenity (Charlotte) and Red Lust (Samantha, natch). Not sure about the SATC tie in, but the straighteners look amazing – if you check out the ghd website you can see they are going for this moody and mysterious vibe with their marketing, which I totally dig.

No surprises these are limited edition. I’m not in the market for a ghd right now (touch wood I haven’t just jinxed myself considering the week I have had) but if I was I would totally be splashing out on a green one. They look so slick and shiny, and have just that bit more personality. Plus it’s a ghd, so you know it does the job.

Price: $309
From: Selected salons or the ghd website
Why you need it: To have a good hair day (you know that’s what ghd stands for, right? You didn’t?! Well there you go)

Picture credit: ghd Australia

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