When you’re running late…

Last wedding post for a while, I promise. My dear friend got married in Mollymook on Friday, which required an early start and a long drive from us. This might not have seemed like a big deal, except I was in charge of picking up the flowers and delivering them safely to the church, the bride and the groom. Yeah, important. Even more important since Boyfriend and I are ALWAYS late, and Friday was no exception. Wedding started at 3 and we didn’t do the first drop off until 2. Sorry photographer, you’ll just have to wait! Naturally I was in my comfy pants and thongs, with my hair all over the place and nothing more than moisturiser on my face. High five, me.

Thankfully, earlier in the week I had been sent a Miette Beauty pack and looking at it was seriously a ‘why didn’t I think of this before’ moment. Jessica, the smart cookie at Miette Beauty, has created special packs like Wheels to Heels and Boardroom to Bar, with all the essentials you would in theory have stashed in your handbag/glove box/desk drawer, but they are never there when you need them.

So we didn’t get to our motel until 2:30 and a 3pm ceremony meant I had 15 minutes for hair, makeup and dress. This meant I had to do a lot of prep in the car on the move. The Miette pack had bandaids (for blister prevention on my feet), moisturiser (for my dry air con hands), Pond’s cleansing wipes (for pre-makeup prep), lip balm, comb, tampons, deodorant (winner!) and these cool little breath mint wipes, which you slip onto your finger and brush your teeth with. A quick wipe over the hands with the wet ones and I was ready to go.

Moral of the story? When your friend trusts you to do something really important, make sure you leave the house on time. And always keep a Miette Beauty pack in the car just in case.

Price: $24.95
From: Miette Beauty
Why you need it: The ultimate In Case Of Emergency. Break glass, grab bag, ready to go.

Picture credit: Miette Beauty

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