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I was having a whinge on twitter the other week because a hair styling tool I had been sent to review for the Primped VIP club had absolutely fried my hair and it needed help, fast! As an aside, I was reviewing the VS Sassoon Goddess Ionic Conditioning Steam Straightener and I was not impressed one little bit. I’m torn as to whether to review it here or not, because on one hand it would be a negative-ish review and I try to be positive, but on the other I don’t want anyone spending $200 to ruin their hair like mine was. Please let me know what you think.

Anyway, I was publicly lamenting my dry and angry hair when the fairy godmothers from Terax stepped in and sent me their lovely hair products to try. Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment and Serum – high five, Terax!

The Collagene shampoo with soy protein (strengthening and repair) and quince seed (moisturising) is specially designed for dry to brittle hair (that’s me!). At first I wasn’t sure about the scent of it, but I think I am so conditioned to think that shampoo = fruit or flowers that it took me a little while to adjust. It smells kind of like coconut, so I can deal.

The Life Drops are a leave in protein conditioner (there’s that silk protein again), and it’s also for strength and softness. The Gloss is a finishing serum with vitamin E designed to make hair shiny and tame random flyaways. My advice is don’t use both the Life Drops and Gloss at the same time – one or the other only, because otherwise hair becomes too heavy and lank. Lank is not what we are going for.

The real hero product though is the Original Crema conditioner. This baby has won all sorts of awards and accolades because it is GOOD. It’s a hardworking conditioner that meets all the claims it makes – detangling, elasticity, reducing static buildup and banishing frizziness. Leave it in for 2 minutes for regular conditioning or for 15 minutes as a treatment. If you want to go real hardcore, wrap your head in cling wrap (hair only, not face). I will admit I tried to do this and failed pretty dismally, but not everyone is as clumsy as me.

I give the Terax range two very enthusiastic thumbs up. The only positive that came out of using that nasty tool is that I was introduced to the Terax range and my hair is in better condition now than it was before.

Price: Shampoo – $24.95 (355mL) Conditioner – $29.95 (200mL) Serum – $24.95 (30mL) Treatment – $29.95 (200mL)
From: Adorebeauty, David Jones
Why you need it: To give dry, brittle hair the flick. Silky and smooth is the name of the game.

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  1. Teneal

    April 6, 2010 at 11:58 am

    You have me sold – on the Terax.

    I have heard good things about it for years, but just somehow keep forgetting to buy it. I have crazy frizzy/curly/thick hair so I am hoping it helps!

    Getting some tomorrow.

  2. Yarni

    April 8, 2010 at 6:24 am

    Hey babe, just thought I'd add that the straightener is actually easier to use on my hair than most other straighteners. I can straighten large chunks quickly (which is important because, as you know, my hair is annoyingly thick.)

    I think it would cause some serious damage if I used it all the time, but it definitely leaves my hair softer and smoother when used occasionally. Def wouldn't recommend to anyone with super-fine hair! The steam is intimidating.

  3. Gaynor Alder (The Modern Woman's Survival Guide)

    April 19, 2010 at 9:56 am

    Holy Mother – how good is that Terax conditioning cream?! I reviewed it a little while ago and I was head over heels! Love your blog BTW 🙂

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