Some long weekend inspiration

Happy public holiday Monday! I hope you paid the ANZACs the respect they deserve yesterday with some two-up and a beer down the RSL, and perhaps some quiet reflection. I was at home working most of the day (stop, put away your violins with those sad songs) but I did eat some Sara Lee Rocky Road ice cream, with added Starburst babies. It could have been worse.

Anyway, I was admiring the images from the Chanel Metiers D’Art Pre-Fall 2010 fashion show in Shanghai from all the way back in December (an eternity in fashion years) and thought they were just the long weekend inspiration I was looking for. The Chanel nail look was gold with black tips, which is incredibly lux and a quirky twist on a classic favourite. Lucky I had a gold polish at home already (Bling Dynasty from the OPI Hong Kong collection, as seen in Five Nails in Five Days, and, funnily enough, also posted on a public holiday) and I dug out my trusty black M.A.C in Nocturnelle. I have absolutely no idea when the three Chanel polishes from this collection hit counters (metallic gold, flakey/glitter gold and matte black) but it has just hit U.S. counters so should be here soon if it isn’t already. The black looks killer and I will be wandering down to Myer to pick up a bottle, assuming they don’t have a darn waiting list like every other Chanel polish.

As for the polishes I used:

Price: OPI – $19.95, M.A.C – $22
From: David Jones, M.A.C (although I don’t think the M.A.C Nocturnelle polish is still available)
Why you need it: To give your nails the gilded look.

Hint: I use sticky tape to create my tips! Will do a how-to instructional in the near future.

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  1. ♥akisa♥

    April 26, 2010 at 3:38 am

    Very cool~ I'm waiting for both the Gold and Black shades from Chanel!!

  2. Nat Webster

    April 27, 2010 at 12:17 am

    Nice one. I did this a while ago based on the Prada manis but with a pale sheer pink (Essie's Rock Candy) and Australis black tips. Loved it.

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