Soft hair, great service and a chocolate bar

I am so very late to the Moroccanoil bandwagon, but better late than never, right? I’m still going to give you my 2 cents, because that’s the kinda girl I am. I know putting oil in your hair can seem kind of scary – my hair is so fine that the mere thought of oil makes it hide in fear of the potential limpness and lankness. Not here though. You only need a teeny tiny bit – about the size of a 5c piece warmed up in your palms – and you run it through damp hair. Ends only! It’s essentially a hair tamer made with argan oil and silicons, which are excellent for calming frizz and making hair all lovely and soft. It also helps speed up drying time, which is a blessing now that the colder weather seems to be on its way and the blow dryer is my friend again. Best bit: smells amazing. And we all know that boys are 86% more likely to prefer girls with nice smelling hair.

I ordered my Moroccanoil from Adorebeauty and I need to tell you about was how amazing their customer service is. I placed my order and it didn’t show up – a few different things I had ordered from various sites had all gone M.I.A. at the same time (I blame the mail room). After waiting impatiently by the mailbox for two weeks, I mentioned it to Adore on twitter and had an email in my inbox within 5 minutes. Impressive. Even more impressive is the fact that they had a second order out to me within 24 hours. That’s customer service, people! Naturally, my original order showed up 3 days later but all I have to do is pop it back in the post to their reply paid address. It goes without saying that I ate the chocolate that was in the parcel though. Any company that puts a chocolate in my beauty order is going to get my repeat business. Their exceptional customer service might also have something to do with it too. Thumbs up Adorebeauty – you kids are orright.

Price: $49.50
From: Adorebeauty
Why you need it: For soft, frizz-free hair. Makes it easier to get it into a plait, and we all know plaits are the look du-jour right now.

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  1. ♥akisa♥

    April 27, 2010 at 12:50 am

    I am even further behind on the Moroccan Oil bandwagon!! Leaving this til my next month's online haul.

  2. Zakia's Morocco Blog

    April 27, 2010 at 6:31 am

    I just wanted to add some of the other great benefits of pure Argan Oil. Did you know that you can use the Oil as a pre-hair conditioner. Just massage in a few hours before shampooing and it will help control the sebum and leave your hair super manageable. Also, it doesn't burn so it makes hair drying a breeze. Other uses are overall skin care and nail care. A great site for Argan Oil products is Zakia's Morocco Argan Oil Cosmetics.

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