Let’s talk about my underwear

My sister, bless her little cottontails, recently started work at Nearly Nude (they are shapewear designers, get your mind out of the gutter!) This excited me no end because I have been eyeing off their goods for quite some time. You will be relieved to know she gets a staff discount – I know I was!

Anyway, being a lady of the ‘larger breasted’ variety, I have a lot of trouble with the ladies when I sleep. Nearly Nude do a bedtime bra singlet which I had wanted to buy for a while but very naively went for the cheaper option. The cheapie does the job to a degree, but now that I have experienced the true comfort of the Nearly Nude bedtime bra, I could never go back. The straps are thin, so they don’t crumple up, the cups are reinforced so they hold you in place without being invasive (especially when I’m lying on my back – my endowed sisters know what I’m talkin’ about), and they are made of the most divine fabric so they are super comfy (mainly polyamide, so it’s non flammable, comfortable and with a bit of stretch for a firm fit). I also got the skinny strap tank, which is very similar to the bedtime bra, and I wear it around the house because it’s just so darn easy to wear. My sister wears hers every day instead of a bra (too much information?) because it gives enough support and has a slight hint of tummy control. If only I was petite enough to get away with that. Sigh.

Apart from my new love of their singlets, I am completely enamoured with their unmentionables. I have always been a hard and fast Bonds girl – I have every colour of the rainbow, all in the same size and cut (are we getting too personal here?) Nearly Nude do a few different cuts –hi top, hi top g, regular g, regular briefs and boy shorts. I normally hate boy shorts but man are these great! They are so soft it feels like you are wearing nothing at all. They also have a seam in them that makes them 100% wedgie proof. No kidding, Wedgie. Proof. Undies. No wedge. No butt picking. No awkward yanking. This feature alone is worth the price.

Price: Skinny Strap Tank – $45.95, Perfect Pants (boy shorts) – $24.95, Bedtime Bra – $64.95
From: Check the Nearly Nude website for stockists – they can either give you online sites of find a stockist near your postcode
Why you need it: To look after your cleavage and never have to pick your bum again!

Picture credit: nearlynude.com.au – I wish my ass looked that good!

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  1. Andi

    April 30, 2010 at 3:50 am

    So expensive 🙁 I want the bedtime bra so bad!!!!

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