(Insert pun about luscious lips)

Stupid change of weather means a change in air conditioning, more wind, rain and basically all the ingredients for dry skin. I loathe autumn for this reason (but I do love the leaves turning, so it’s almost ok). Dry lips is an extension of dry skin and I was most cranky last week when my lips went nutso because I needed them to be all lovely and smooth for my lipstick-wearing occasion.

Lucky for me, the Nougat London Luscious Lip Collection landed on my desk the other week, which is kickass-awesome for knocking chapped evilness on its ass. It’s a set of three lovely little silver tubs: lip balm, lip polish and lip treatment. It’s pretty obvious what you do with the lip balm (you clean your car with it, duh), so I won’t teach you to suck eggs, which, by the way, is a horrible expression and I don’t care that it came from the 1500’s. The lip polish is gently exfoliating, with little grainy bits to scrub away the dry skin, and the lip treatment is like the lip balm but on steroids, perfect for an overnight treatment. Note: The best way to get the scrub working was to warm the tub up between my hands for a minute to warm it up to soften it slightly.

The Collections come in two flavours – sugared fig and sweet rose. I have been using the sugared fig and it is just delicious. I love that it’s an unusual flavour; I don’t recall ever using a fig lip balm before but by jove it’s tasty (that’s me, surreptitiously eating lip balm in the corner). It works, too. My lips scrubbed up nicely (zing) and definitely helped keep my lippie in place on the weekend.

Edit: Kat has been trying the sweet rose set, and while she agreed on the balm, she wasn’t so sure about the flavour. She said it had a kind of potpourri vibe.

Price: $39.95 for the box set of three
From: David Jones and some chemists (the fancy ones that sell cool stuff)
Why you need it: The banish the autumn flakys.

Picture credit: Nougat London – Sweet Rose pictured

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  1. Shaybear

    April 8, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    I love a nice lip scrub! Thankfully, I've been schooled in how to make my own. I mix brown sugar, olive oil, a dash of honey (to help it all keep nicely and not go off) and seal it up in a little plastic dish and pop it in the shower caddy. It's lovely tasting – completely edible and lasts *forever*. Not to mention the fact that it's practically free as everyone has the ingredients in their pantry. : ]

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