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The gorgeous Gemma over at The Showpony tagged me in a post last week – it’s a game making its way around the blogosphere where you post the sixth picture you ever posted on your site and then tag 3 more people. I’m going to break the chain slightly (oh no! Will I get junk mail? A plague of clowns? A gaggle of Gaga impersonators beating me with a broom?) but I *will* give you some recommendations of awesome bloggos you should be visiting.

First – the picture. It is from a post I did about Tom Ford for Estee Lauder Azuree Soleil eau fraiche back in November 2007 (yes, I have been blogging that long). I still use and love this perfume, and I will be gutted when it eventually runs out. Damn you, limited edition fragrances!

Now for the blogs you need to visit.

The Showpony – Gem has her finger on the cool pulse and discovers trends before they have even discovered themselves. It’s like she is from the future.

Sassi Sam
– The awesome Miss Sassi will be covering RAFW next week, so keep locked to her site for all the inside bits and pieces.

Kat Did Whaaat?! – I’m kind of biased cos she’s my desk buddy, but Kat writes witty words about life in the Inner West. She’s a westie haha!

The Style Tyrant – This is a bitchin dudes only street style blog. I continually marvel over the washed out colours in the photos that make me think of late afternoon sun bathing Sydney in a golden white light. It also makes me wish my loafers didn’t hurt so much so I could wear them more often.

Have a great weekend!

PS – I bought a clock today. It’s well awesome.

PPS – there is a FULL PAGE picture of me in a magazine next week. I am beside myself excited and I will reveal all next Wednesday.

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  1. miss-sher

    May 4, 2010 at 6:42 am

    wooooo I cant wait! Details please 🙂

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