Sweet and girly pink pout

I feel like every second conversation I have at the moment is about weddings, but that’s probably because I have 2 coming up in the next 2 weekends. Thankfully it’s two completely different groups of people, so I can wear the same outfit (relief!), but there has still been much time devoted to stewing over makeup, hair and jewellery. I’m on the downhill slide now and finally have all the puzzle pieces in place, so I’ll fill you in over the next few days.

I’m wearing a black dress, so decided to go for a bold, colourful lip. Red is too sexy-vampy and orange is too outrageous, so it’s all about the pink. I am tossing up between 3 shades of pink from the new L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Anti-Age Serum range, so maybe you guys can help me decide.

What I love about these lipsticks is how stupidly moisturising they are. They are actually designed for women over 40 because of their anti-age serum. Does that seem nuts to anyone else?! Anti-aging lipstick. Anyway, the lippie contains hyaluronic acid for hydrating and re-plumping, pro-xylane for cell structure (the same pro-x of the L’Oreal Genesis range/loads of other anti-aging ranges) and collagen for firmness and fullness. Work it baby, this thing is going to give you a pout like no other.

I am road testing three shades of pink: Satin Pink, which is a very pastel baby pink, Freshly Candy, which is a sweet musky pink and Radiant Rose, which is the darkest of the three and a bit more luscious. I have been rotating between the three of them for the last few weeks and I really can’t pick a favourite. Like a mother, I love all my children equally. What I also love is that they aren’t shiny and they aren’t matte. Miney? Sh…oh wait. Inappropriate.
What do you think? Girly and wedding-suitable?

Price: $24.95
From: Priceline, Myer
Why you need it: For a sweet girly pink pout (just like the header says…)

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  1. Nat

    March 30, 2010 at 9:52 am

    The Candy one is really pretty but the Radiant Rose is the one with most 'pop'. That would be my pick.

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