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Remember when I raved about Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe about 6 months ago? You don’t? That’s ok, you’re probably new, I won’t hold it against you. Anyway, I roamed the streets for months trying to find the mascara to no avail. At that stage it wasn’t available here and I was gutted. Cut to me visiting Priceline a couple of days ago and there it is! Yesssssss! I actually did a *gasp* OMG! Squeal! Not least because I had just finished my last tube of it and was wondering what to do next (I love you, Exact Eyelights, but you’re just not the same). Anyway, it’s on the shelf in Priceline and I still highly recommend you get on board.

In that same old post last year I also talked about a Clinique moisturiser that I was totally in love with but that wasn’t available here. Thankfully it will be on counters in May, along with another new Clinique product that I can’t wait to tell you about. Trust me, it’s a big one. Exciting, right?!

Finally, tomorrow is a big day if you like to orgasm. I do. I like to do it every day. Well, regular orgasm during the day and then super orgasm at night because it’s that bit sparklier and deeper. I am of course, referring to the cult product Nars Orgasm blush (and you would never believe I made those innuendos on purpose, because I am totally not like that). As well as cult product Nars Orgasm and big sister Super Orgasm (a kickass blush for ‘evening’ because it has sparkle in it), the orgasm-on-the-cheek family is extending with Orgasm Illuminator (there were far too many orgasm’s in that sentence…oops there’s another one). Think flecks of gold, peach and pink dancing across your cheekbones to softly highlight and give you a warm glow. I don’t normally post about things I haven’t tried yet, but I am dead certain this will be a winner. Remember how amazing Rihanna looked at the Pre-Grammy’s party in that cut out Victor & Rolf dress. Yep…she was orgasming.

Covergirl Lash blast Luxe

Price: $17.95
From: Priceline
Nars Orgasm Illuminator

Price: $69
From: Mecca Cosmetica
Available: from tomorrow!! (you can bet I’ll be heading in store at lunchtime)

Picture credit:, Nars

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