Stuck at your desk all day? Me too! Let’s snack (and win stuff)

The good people at Mainland asked if I wanted to try some cheese. “Cheese? Sure, I love cheese. Eat it a lot at work. I like the little snack packs so I can eat at my desk.”

“Well perfect” said Mainland, “because our new Cracker Cuts is, er, cheese, cut to, uh, fit your cracker”

“What a novel idea!” said I, “Pre-cut cheese means zero effort on my part. I’m all for zero effort. And Cracker Cuts is such a descriptive name, don’t you agree?”

Cracker Cuts are pretty cool. I’m going through a bit of a health kick at the moment (don’t worry, these are usually short lived), so I have been enjoying my pre cut cheese with my carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, tzatziki and Vita-Weat crackers. I normally buy the little snack packs of cheese and crackers for work, but they only come with 3 crackers and 3 bits of cheese. Three crackers is not enough to tide me over, ever! How ridiculous!

Anyway, the Cracker Cuts packs have 20 slices, which is more than sufficient for a few days and a box of Vita-Weat crackers (the packs are resealable, which = clever). There are four flavours (actually, does cheese have flavours or types?); Light, Tasty, Extra Tasty and Mild. It ticks all the boxes for a desk snack, which is good for me because I spend a lot of time at my desk. What do you think? What are some of your favourite desk snacks?

Price: $4.35
From: Coles and Woolies
Why you need it: Snack attaaaack!

Speaking of…stuff…the good kids at Mainland have given me a $50 Coles voucher to give away. Think how much cheese you could buy with that?! (Kidding – I know you will go straight for the beauty aisle. I would). Just shoot me an email with the subject line: Cheese and your name and postal details* in the body. Comp closes 5pm Friday and I’ll do a random draw over the weekend. I may even video it, just for funsies.

*I will never keep your personal information for anything but the competition you are entering

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