Some Friday pomegranate pampering

Happy Friday! How do you feel about a bit of pampering for the weekend? Excellent, I thought you would say that. I completely agree. And yes, I would love a glass of wine, thanks.

I have found a divine body balm that not only smells good and feels good, but the packaging looks good. I find that’s a really important factor when buying a body balm or body butter, because it adds a little touch of glam when it’s sitting on the bedside table (or is it just me that reads too many homes magazines and likes to fantasize about bedside tables full of candles, body balms and fresh flowers.)

Urban Rituelle Pomegranate Body Balm is a deliciously heady mix of sweet and tangy. The cream is silky and glossy, so it glides on like a dream, and it smells so divine that you’ll want to lick your arm. And I don’t care if that sounds creepy. It has all the hallmarks of a quality body balm: jojoba oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, antioxidants and aloe vera. High five, Urban Rituelle. I know I’ll be having a bath with my Pomegranate soap and then loading on the moisturiser with a glass of wine tonight. Cheers!

Price: $29.95
From: Urban Rituelle. They have their own retail store in Caringbah, otherwise they are stocked in loads of gift and homewares stores – check their website
Why you need it: Smooth, tasty skin

Picture credit: Urban Rituelle

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